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We are sales engineers, we are problem solvers. Our focus is breaking any commercial obstacles that are preventing our client’s company to grow.

How? Demand generation, sales strategies and proven sales processes to increase efficiency and results. A cost-effective solution focused on generating new business opportunities from nowhere.

TAG Sales Accelerator is a Consulting Firm looking to provide amazing companies with efficient commercial strategies for continued market growth.

Boosting the commercial expansion and growth of innovative businesses since 2012, generating millions of dollars in revenue on the way.

Let's grow together.

Trusted by disruptive companies around the world


Tailored to each situation, product and market.


Qualified Sales Appointment Setting

Outsource the Sales Development phase of the sales cycle, and receive qualified sales meetings with high potential leads. This service increases the efficiency of your sales team as the focus turns to just closing deals.

Sales Team Outsourcing

Full sales cycle executed, from generating the meeting to closing the deal for less than hiring a salesperson.

Customized Sales Playbook
Development and Implementation

Development of a sales manual for companies with the goal to ensure success and increase the efficiency of every single sales team member. Everything in the sales guide represents the best way to do business and the best practices used to close enterprise clients.

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